Bulletin June


The 19th Anne Beagley Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival was held this past weekend at Union High School.
Guest schools, accompanied by their coaches, parents and supporters, descended on the Union sports grounds to showcase their skills in a fun-filled and highly contested three days of sport.

At the Friday evening’s cocktail event, Mr William Pringle, Headmaster of Union High, welcomed and thanked all the coaches and staff of visiting schools for giving up their holiday time to attend this very popular festival.

Mr Pringle also took the opportunity to thank the sponsors: College Motors Caltex Graaff-Reinet and Fresh Stop, Hyundai Graaff-Reinet, SupaQuick, the Desert Springs Spur, Pick n Pay, Merino Pharmacy and Mica Graaff-Reinet for their contribution in making this sports festival possible. Caltex and College Motors were the main sponsors of the event, and Clive Berlyn, CEO of Caltex Eastern Cape Marketers, and himself a proud Old Unionite, also spoke at the function. He paid special tribute to the sports coaches, managers, umpires, referees, teachers and parents, whose commitment paved the way for the youngsters to understand the importance of teamwork, dedication, determination and dealing with adversity in achieving their goals. These attributes and attitudes learned and applied in the good times and the bad, are ones that learners can develop and benefit from through the opportunity to play sport at any level.

Mr Berlyn also reflected on the values developed by the players, and the balance between the competitive spirit to win, and the pride in taking part and doing one’s best. Both of these attributes will help students to achieve their highest potential in other areas, as well as further on in life when they enter adulthood and the working world. He concluded by paying a special tribute to Pierre le Grange, Stephan de Souza, Joggie Vorster and the College Motors team for their commitment and support of this event, and also of the schools and community at large.

Vs St Patricks won 32 – 5
Vs Gonubie Primary lost 5 – 15
Vs Komga Primary won 50 – 5
UHS Junior 1st Team
Vs Komga Primary won 4 – 1br>Vs de Hoop Primary lost 0 – 2
Vs Victoria Primary won 1 – 0
Vs Stirling Primary lost 0 – 1
VVs Erica Primary drew 1 – 1
UHS Invitational Team
Vs Lilyfontein lost 0 – 1br>Vs Clarendon Park lost 0 – 6
Vs Gonubie Primary lost 0 – 1
Vs Westering Primary lost 0 – 6


The generous sponsorship from Caltex College Motors/ Fresh Stop and Hyundai Graaff-Reinet has afforded the Union High School and all involved this wonderful opportunity in Sport, and for this we wish to thank Mr Pierre le Grange most sincerely for his support of this highlight of the winter season. We take pride in our association with his companies.

It is always a privilege to be able to host an event of this nature and to extend a warm welcome to all our guest schools, parents and supporters who are attending our 19th Anne Beagley Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival.

Our Rugby and Hockey Festival has always tried to convey the idea that winning at all costs is neither the desired nor sole purpose connected to this occasion. On the contrary, the most essential objective of the event is the fostering of educational principles such as sportsmanship and camaraderie, and the opportunity to establish possible life-long friendships within an atmosphere of conviviality, enjoyment and healthy rivalry. We therefore appeal to all role players to make the most of this special occasion.

All the coaches and managers in attendance need to be complimented on their willingness to give up some of their free time to extend the educational horizons for those in their care. May their experiences be hugely gratifying in all respects.

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U/11 Girls:
1. Lisakhanye Menos 14:45:67 (A)
2. Zara Deysel 14:59:05 (D)
3. Silindo Khali 16:50:58 (A)

U/11 Boys:
1. Kyle Liebenberg 13:12:65 (A)
1. Matthew Paxton 13:12:65 (A)
2. Zepharia Kallies 14:16:29 (D)

U/13 Girls:
1. Caytah-Leigh Koeberg 21:51:03 (A)
2. Brigette Oelofson 23:33:03 (A)
3. Sonwabise Mroro 24:35:17 (A)

U/13 Boys:
1. Alutha Wesi 19:46:27 (D)
2. Dylan Kivedo 19:50:10 (D)
3. Laythan Carelse 20:44:17 (D)

U/15 Girls:
1. Drew Dobinson 20:48:05 (A)
2. Ekaterina Duvenage 21:28:16 (A)
3. Mihle May 23:21:33 (A)

U/15 Boys:
1. Siya Badiwe 22:26:10 (D)
2. Josh Calitz 22:37:09 (A)
3. Thando Matotie 22:38:32 (A)

Open Girls:
1. Sanja du Plessis 18:51:95 (A)
2. Rebecca Langmead 21:52:39 (A)
3. Micela Loock 21:53:00 (D)

Open Boys:
1. Matthew Carelse 33:57:20 (A)
2. Cameron Muir 34:17:00 (A)
3. Noah Ackerman 37:09:93 (A)

Overall Points:
Daly – 197
Arnott – 290


1st XV won 13 – 12
The First team was involved in an absolute humdinger of a match on Saturday in Grahamstown. We had to be at our absolute best for 70 minutes to grind out an unforgettable win against Graeme College. It was a match which encompassed everything schoolboy rugby should, from incredible handling skills, pin-point kicking, huge collisions, flair, precision and a nerve-racking finish which had every spectator on the edge of their seats.

Filled with belief and spurred on by the performance of our third and second teams, we got off to the perfect start. We scored an early try after Matt Harpur chased his own kick downfield and, through sheer will-power, managed to nudge the bouncing ball into the in-goal area and dive onto it for a five-pointer. Soon after the try, Matt slotted a penalty to stretch our lead to 8-0. Graeme continued to apply tremendous pressure at the breakdown and were rewarded with field position which they were able to convert into points after scoring a well-worked converted try.

Ahead by only one point at half-time, we started the second half with renewed energy levels and a burning desire to extend our lead. It was a matter of attacking at every opportunity rather than defending the slender advantage that we held. Through colossal effort and determination, we played our way into the Graeme territory and crossed over for another unconverted try. The try was scored by Daliwonga Mathiale after he cleverly picked up the ball at the base of the ruck and dotted it down before any opposition defender could react to his ingenuity. We now lead 13-7 with a quarter of the match remaining.
Soon after we scored, Graeme capitalized on our first and only lapse in concentration on defence to score a sublime try close to the left-hand touchline. The conversion was pushed wide, but the teams were again separated by just one point. After a tenacious defensive effort and praise worthy work ethic from backs and forwards alike, we held Graeme at bay for the last few minutes while they threw everything at us just 5 metres from our line.

There was an overwhelming sense of relief, as well as jubilation, when the referee blew his whistle to end what truly was an encounter that will remain etched in our memories for a long, long time.

2nds won 24 – 12
3rds lost 17 – 15
U/16A lost 39 – 12
U/15B lost 38 – 5
U/15A lost 53 – 5
U/14A lost 50 – 5
U/13A lost 51 – 5
U/11B lost 54 – 0
U/11A won 10 – 5
U/9A lost 56 – 0


There was plenty of excitement on Friday afternoon, 8 June, amongst the eight teams that took part in this year’s Eco-Amazing Race. Once again, SANParks and Spur also joined in and hosted stations consisting of varied and interesting eco activities.

At the start, the thirty two participants raced, arms linked, to the first station where they randomly chose a timer which had been pre-set at different time intervals. As their timer beeped, they raced back to the Union to complete a sport quiz. This first activity somewhat staggered the groups as they made their way to the SANPark offices on the Middleburg Road. There at the Granaat Lapa, their general knowledge about our local Park and birds was tested.

The clue for the third station led the groups back to one of the music rooms at school. Here the group’s rhythm, rhyme and creative design was put to the test. Each team was instructed to design an eco-related poem and perform it, as a band, consisting of 1 vocalist, 1 body percussion member and two members playing a homemade and/or conventional instrument. There was a special team prize for the best performance, which was awarded to Team No. 7. Well done to Mrs Gamiet, Amanda Brink, Joshua Basson and Bavu Hermans who won a R50 voucher each from XTT.

Following this creative cultural activity the groups took part in three physical activities, receiving an envelope of puzzle pieces as they completed each activity. Movements with mats, benches and tyres made for interesting and varied physical exercises. With the contents of their three envelopes, the teams then had to complete two puzzles, without guide pictures. This challenging activity provided the necessary staggering of the teams, before they set off for the final leg of the race.

At Spur the teams began by completing a Green Ops Report, and then they partook in a recycling activity. Finally they had to find the “Indian dude by the river” and whatsApp a group selfie to Caryn, the franchise owner.

Excellent participation was the focus this year with a number of staff members and parents taking part in the race, either as station managers or team managers and team skills were tested when learners of different ages and genders had to work together.

Mr Pringle was at Spur to congratulate the winning teams: In first place was Team No. 1 (Mrs Langmead, Megan Nortje, Ryan Jenneke and Drew Dobinson) who each received a voucher of R250 from Pick ‘n Pay. Team No. 7 (Mrs Gamiet, Amanda Brink, Joshua Basson and Bavu Hermans) not only walked off with the “Best Performance” prize, but also second prize – Spur vouchers of R200 for each team member. Congrats to the third team in, Team No. 4 (Mrs Louise Potgieter, Jenna-Lee Jansen, Zara Deysel-Douman and Cameron Muir) who each received a voucher of R100 from Our Yard.

Grateful thanks to all partners and generous sponsors, adults and learners who made this year’s Eco Amazing Race a fun day to remember.


Another notable achievement was celebrated at a function at the Scout Hall in Graaff-Reinet last Friday evening, when Cameron Muir was presented with his Springbok Award for Scouts. Cameron grew up scouting under the guidance of Bruce Maree. At a young age, he found solace in the natural world, and found his true self there. Strong and self-assured, Cameron is passionate about the outdoors and comes into his own in nature. He was also elected as Headboy at Union High where he displays true leadership skills beyond the school environment.

At the same ceremony, brothers Karl and David Venter and Jayden Swart were also invested into the Scout Troop.

There have been 74 scouts who have achieved the highest award of Springbok Scout over the years that scouting has been existent in Graaff-Reinet. In recent times Brian Kingwill, Brian and Stuart Welman, John Marais, James Moore, Rodney Naude, Kevin and Carl Watermeyer, Joe Kroon, Kayne Kingwill, Kobus Olivier , Leonard Kingwill, Kevin Prinsloo and Johan Vorster (to name a few), have achieved this prestigious accolade. Only 1% of all Scouts manage to put in the hours and dedication and become Springbok Scouts. To become a Springbok Scout, one has to undergo a rigorous series of challenges before the age of 18. Bear in mind that this is not a school activity, and has to happen over and above academic, cultural and sporting responsibilities at school. Some of the challenges include:
• Camping out in the wild for 30 or more days as a Scout.
• To build a 1:20 scale model of a proposed construction project needed in the community, and train and lead scouts in the building of the project.
• Lead the Patrol in planning, cooking and serving a 3-course hot, healthy meal to at least 6 people on an open fire, in camp, from raw ingredients.
• Plan and lead a hike of more than 30km and 2 nights over a route you have not covered before with a group of no less than 4 members. Select a theme as the focus of the hike and submit a written log for evaluation.
• Demonstrate organisational and leadership skills by planning, organising and conducting a camp for at least 2 patrols of at least 2 nights.
• Identify a need in the community and plan a solution and lead a patrol in meeting the need.
• Plan and conduct a ‘Scout’s Own’ church service.
• Attend 3 meetings of the Court of Honour and fully understand the execution of such a meeting.
• Have an understanding of the importance of mutual respect between people of different gender, race and culture.
• Give an oral presentation about the effect Scouting has had on your life.
• Enter into a Personal Growth Agreement with the Troop Leader.
• Attend a Panel Interview to confirm assimilation of all aspects of the Scout Programme and that the Promise and Law have been adopted as a way of life.

Martin du Bruyn, regional commissioner of Scouting in Cape Midlands presented Cameron with his Springbok Scout Award. It was a memorable moment when Cameron received his award before his parents Debbie and Devrin Muir.
The ceremony was followed by a hearty braai prepared by the Scouts in honour of these admirable men.

Martin du Bruyn, regional commissioner of
Scouting  in Cape Midlands, Cameron Muir,
Springbok Scout, Mr Bruce Maree, Chief Scout and
Union High Headmaster, Mr Pringle.
Karl Venter, Jayden Swart and
David Venter were also invested
into the Scout Troop.


Two of Union’s music teachers, Mrs Sanet Brink and Mrs Zelda van Rooyen had the opportunity to attend the ATKV Applous Workshop in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

They were welcomed in the most friendly and helpful way by Mr Jonas, some staff members and the prefect body of Kabega Primary School. From the moment they entered with their vehicle through the main gate, they were escorted and directed by members of the prefect body – from the gates, to the parking area, all the way to the school library, where the workshop was presented.

Kabega Primary had put in a great deal of effort, decorating the school foyer and tables in the library with a choir/music theme. It was beautiful and very professionally done.

The presenters of the workshop were Hannelize du Plessis and Bragi Valsson, both experienced experts in the choir world.

Topics that were covered at the workshop included:

• The value of singing in a choir
• Conducting techniques
• Choice of repertoire
• Auditions
• Rehearsal time
• Choir sound
• Voice building
• Vocal exercises
• Acoustics
• Intonation
• Adjudication
• Accompaniment
• Choir performances and stage etiquette

Although a lot of information was passed on, it was taught in a clear and constructive way. Our staff received a textbook with detailed notes on all the topics for further reference.

Both Mrs Brink and Mrs van Rooyen are very excited and inspired to implement all that they’ve learned. We trust that our Junior Choir will grow in numbers and quality of singing, but also that the voices of a Senior Choir will soon fill our campus.


The First Team were bitterly disappointed to go down 20 – 27 against Westering on Saturday. After leading 15 – 5 at half time, we seemed to panic when faced with a strong head-wind and repeatedly surrendered possession at critical times. We played into Westering’s hands and they did well to capitalise on their opportunities.

Our tries were scored by Olwethu Ngcai, Ben Kroon and Sibongiseni Baatjies.

Man of the match was Jason Beaumont, who tried his utmost best to give us forward momentum at set pieces and in the loose. As a tighthead, his work rate matched any loose forward on the field and he certainly left it all out there on the field.

We now have two weeks to right the wrongs and work towards filling in the missing puzzle pieces before our next encounter against Graeme College.
1st XV:  20 – 27
2nd Team:  45 – 5
U/16A:  43 – 0
U/15A:  17 – 15
U/14A:  24 – 19

U/15B vs Spandau:  7 – 29

1st Team:  7 – 1
2nd Team:  4 – 0
U/16A:  2 – 2
3rd Team:  0 – 1
U/16B:  0 – 4