Bulletin July



Matric 1st XV rugby boys who played their last rugby match on home soil with their Old Unionite parents.
From left to right: Dad Joe Kroon with Ben, dad Kent Krige with Michael, mom, Diane and dad, Paul Broeksma with Matthew and dad, Jean Retief with son, Ronan.

The First Team went down 20 – 28 in a bruising encounter against Pearson on Saturday. The number of stoppages due to players from both teams needing recovery time was an indication of how physical and demanding the match was. The game hung in the balance for the full 70 minutes and could have gone either way with both sides creating scoring opportunities throughout. In the end, it was a moment of brilliance from the Pearson backline that made the difference. Our side fought valiantly from start to finish and can be immensely proud of their performance. We had several players carrying niggles into the game and they should be commended for their courage and commitment. We scored three tries through Terrence Siyaya (2) and Luthando Skapu. Matt Harpur converted once and slotted a penalty. It was a tremendous team effort, despite the loss, and there are plenty of positives to draw from over the next two weeks as we prepare for our final challenge.
2nd Team:  17 – 10
U/16A:  19-29
3rd Team:  28 – 19
U/15A:  5-39
U/15B:  0 – 59
U/14A:  17 – 34

1st Team:  3 – 1
Union 1st team girls broke the historical Pearson losing streak, as they went head to head on which was a well anticipated nail-biting match. A highly confident team started the game with good intensity and real quality hockey. Henze Jaftha opened the score line with a well worked team effort to put the visiting side on the back foot. The Union girls went into half time leading 1-0, but knowing the job was not yet done, a geared up Union team kept the pace up early in the second half. This secured the lead with another goal from Henze. After numerous attacks and plenty of short corners, the pressure built up to a penalty flick which was punished away by Micela Loock for a solid 3-0 lead. A momentary lapse in concentration lead to a goal being conceded to conclude the game at 3-1. Overall the game was an excellent display of teamwork, solid defence and a passion and drive to win. Well done girls!

2nd Team:  1 – 6
U/16A:  0 – 4
3rd Team:  0 – 6
U/16B:  0 – 2


U13A:  0 – 52
On Saturday our U13A rugby team travelled to Port-Elizabeth to take on Clarendon Park Primary. This was without a doubt one of our most physical encounters off the year. Our boys stood tall on defence and made their opposition work hard to retain possession. Unfortunately no team can defend for 50 minutes and Clarendon capitalised out wide. Even though the result might suggest otherwise, the Union boys came together as a team and improved immensely on the previous week’s performance.

U13B:  14 – 29
U11A:  21 – 10
U11B:  10 – 19

1st Junior Team:  0 – 2
This weekend’s performance against Clarendon was the exact opposite of Union’s last encounter against Gill. While the girls stepped up the pace and pushed to the end against Gill in the 2nd half last week; against Clarendon they seemed to give up. Despite an evenly matched 1st half, Clarendon did manage to slot in one goal close to the end of the half and the Union girls appeared to lose focus. In the second half errors started creeping into play and Union began playing more as individuals rather than as a team. Although no one played badly, the lack of team-work resulted directly in Clarendon sneaking in another loose goal and Union suddenly found ourselves 2 – 0 down in a match that should have been more evenly contested. There was a marked difference in the Union players’ demeanour after this goal and were lucky not to succumb further. Perhaps this will serve as a wake-up call and they will learn that the best form of attack or defence, is to put up a UNITED front. Working together is the best way to achieve.
2nd Junior Team:  0 – 1
3rd Junior Team:  2 – 6
4th Junior Team:  0 – 5


1st XV lost 29 – 34
The first team let themselves down on Saturday, losing 29-34 to Gill College in Somerset East. Considering that we led 29-10 with a quarter of the game left, it was hugely disappointing that we did not come away with a victory.
Credit must go to Gill for the way in which they threw caution to the wind and forced us to panic and lose composure. We were far off the pace in the second half and made too many errors to build any kind of continuity or find any rhythm.
We did manage to score five tries which is a positive. Breyton Damons, Michael Krige, Matthew Broeksma, Ronan Retief and Terrence Siyaya all crossed the try-line.
With two matches left, lessons must be learnt from what happened and we will use every opportunity together this week to right the wrongs.

2nd Team won 17 – 7
U/16A won 14 – 8
U/15A won 48 – 5
U/14A won 12 – 5

1st Team won 4 – 0
Our 1st team hockey girls met up with Gill College on Saturday, in what was a physical battle.  The Union girls displayed a good brand of grass hockey, converting 3 excellent field goals in the 1st half.
Going into the 2nd half Union had high expectations of trebling the score line, but stop-start play due to Gill girls getting injured they lost momentum and could only manage 1 goal before the game was blown short. Even though the game was called short by 7 minutes due to Gill not able to field a full 11, a great team effort secured the desired result at the end of the day.  Goals were scored by Henze Jafta, Rebecca Langmead, Jenna McNaughton and Micela Loock

U/16A won 4 – 0


On the Thursday our junior rugby and hockey teams travelled to Gill in Somerset East for our annual mid-week derby matches

1st Junior Team
One would have expected the girls to be a little rusty after the long break, but this was definitely not the case in their away match against Gill on Thursday. While they may have experienced a bit of pressure in the 1st half, they were most certainly the dominant team in the 2nd half.

A lovely chase and challenge by Chloe Erasmus was followed up by a perfectly timed pass, which was snapped up by Leah Marais who smashed the ball into the back of the box, putting our girls up 1 – 0 at half time.

The second half saw the girls upping their work-rate substantially and concentrating on their positional play. This was subsequently rewarded by three more wonderful team goals from Soso Mroro, Chloe Erasmus and a second goal for Leah Marais. Gill also managed to secure a goal during this period of play which left the score at 4 – 1 to Union at the final whistle.

The girls played with a tenacity and maturity that has not yet been seen from them this season and we hope that it continues throughout these final weeks in the lead up to, and throughout Interschools!

Well done to all the girls on a superb team effort. They worked extremely hard for this win and deserved every single bit of it.

2nd Junior Team
Although the goalless score does not reflect this, the 2nd team girls played well and were easily the more dominant team on the day. They maintained possession for the majority of the game and played almost entirely in their attacking half. Despite having the upper-hand throughout, they were unable to capitalise as they lacked the hunger and determination needed in the circle to convert their possession into goals.
While we will need to spend time on this in the weeks to follow, the girls deserve congratulations on a good effort nonetheless.

Hockey Results:
3rd Juniors won 2-1
2nd Juniors drew 0-0
1st Juniors won 4-1

U13A Team
The first half was a real contest with Union conceding two soft tries but replying with two of their own. Unfortunately the second half was a one sided affair with the Union boys lacking the energy and structure to keep their opponents under pressure. Gill continued to increase the tempo and with poor defense from the Union side, Gill ran in five unanswered tries.
Final score 12-50


Anna, Gemma, Brent and Jude have said goodbye to Max, Sam and Lily as the Union/Salisbury exchange has drawn to a close. What an amazing adventure they have had!


The UHS 1st Hockey and Rugby teams travelled to East Londen to take part in the Cambridge Co-Ed Festival.
Our first team hockey girls had a successful tournament at Cambridge, East London. Playing without 4 of their regular players who were representing our province in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the girls played excellent hockey and came home unbeaten.
Won 4 – 0 vs Hudson Park
Won 6 – 1 vs DF Malherbe
Drew 1 – 1 vs Stirling
Won 2 – 0 vs Cambridge

Thanks to coach Mr August and manager Mrs Shell who looked after our girls so well!

The First rugby squad attended the Cambridge High 2018 Winter Sports Festival in East London over the June/July Holiday. The squad once again did themselves proud and were superb ambassadors for our school.

Our first match was against Selbourne College and was always going to be a huge challenge despite them not being at full strength. We stayed in the contest throughout and kept fighting until the bitter end. It was a match that entertained all that were present, and our side certainly exceeded expectations. We went down 31- 48 in the end. Our try scorers were Iviwe Ndamane, Matt Harpur, Ronan Retief and Matthew Broeksma.

Our Monday fixture was against Fairmont High School from Cape Town, who had lost by one point to Cambridge High on the Saturday. We clicked from the get-go and scored within the first minute of the match. We continued to play with conviction and purpose, taking every opportunity that came our way. We lead 38 – 0 at half-time. The second half was not as fluent, and we lost a bit of rhythm and allowed our opponents to score twice. We won the match 45 – 14. Tries were scored by Luke McNaughton, Luthando Skapu, Cowan Swartz, Michael Krige and Ronan Retief (2).

Many spectators complimented our boys on their brand of rugby and passion for the White Jersey. These were two very good results with our rugby boys continuing to ‘punch above their weight’ as is the Union way.

UHS vs Selbourne College:  lost 48 – 31
UHS vs Fairmont High School:  won 45 – 14