Rockschool Workshop

Our music teachers, Mrs van der Walt, Mrs Brink and Mrs van Rooyen started their year by attending a Rockschool workshop, presented by Mrs Naome Bezuidenhout, an international Rockschool examiner from Vanderbijlpark in South Africa. Rockschool is an international exam board, “Awarding the Contemporary Arts”.

RSL was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts. Being at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years, their operations include Rockschool Graded Music ExamsTeaching and Performance Diplomas, Vocational Qualifications (VQ’s) and Performance Arts Awards (PAA).

They pride themselves on delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications designed to support aspiring artists, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be.

Our teachers were instructed on the content of the piano syllabus, from Debut to Gr 8, and the standard and different aspects of the graded exams. They learned a lot and are excited to implement the syllabus as another option of instruction into our music program for learners who wish to earn a graded qualification in contemporary piano music.