Gr 10 Tourism: Drostdy Excursion


On 21 February the Grade 10 Tourism class of Union High School visited the Drostdy Hotel. The learners were welcomed by the Food and Beverage manager, Mr Izak van Rooyen. He gave them a tour of the 5-star facility and enriched them with information about the history of the hotel. The in-room technology of this establishment was something that the learners had only seen in books. The key-card gives access to all facilities in the room and it switches everything off within 10 minutes of leaving the room. The heated towel rails were just one of the luxuries that stood out in the bathrooms. Learners were informed of what is needed to qualify for 5-star grading by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. The facilities and surrounding areas are of the finest quality. This was a wonderful experience. Many learners hope to be in the position to stay at or maybe even own a hotel like this one day.