Anti-Bullying Campaign

Anti-bullying campaign kicks into high gear

In 2017, Union High School’s Interact Club launched an anti-bullying campaign.  Over the past two years, their initial campaign has grown into a long-term project with a proactive, multi-faceted whole-school approach to the problem of bullying.

At first, a number of awareness campaigns were undertaken, including the introduction of a Bully-Bin to the school’s campus.  Since then -, supported by an effective anti-bullying policy – the focus has been on creating a safe and positive environment for the learners in the classrooms and on the school grounds with everyone working together to create a climate where bullying is not acceptable.

On Wednesday, 1 May, Old Unionite Ingrid Kingwill joined forces with Union in this initiative by training 13 peer counsellors to support the emotional and academic wellbeing of fellow learners.  This has been implemented as a support scheme to reduce bullying and as a means of reducing the psychological effects thereof on learners.

Union’s sincere gratitude is extended to Ingrid for her willingness to invest in the wellbeing of the school.

All peer counsellors who participated in the training found it an enriching experience and we have no doubt that this project will grow from strength to strength.