Annual Senior (gr 10 – 12) Speech Competition

Learners shine at speech contest

The power of words, intonation and body language was unleashed during Union High School’s annual Senior Speech Competition, held on Thursday evening, 18 July.

The evening was themed, ‘The Wonderful World of Nursery Rhymes’.

Participants were each given a particular nursery rhyme and instructed to prepare a speech pertaining to the central message contained in the nursery rhyme.  Sixteen speakers participated and “wowed” the audience with witty speeches, serious speeches and even some way-out speeches.  Mandilakhe Matotie served as the evening’s MC and did a wonderful job of keeping the evening full of energy and running smoothly.

At the end of a very entertaining night, first place was awarded to Meghan Basson for her speech entitled ‘Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat – Diet Edition’.  Second place went to Taylyn Miller for ‘Jack and Jill Went Up A Hill – When Things Go Wrong’.  Peter Watermeyer claimed third place for ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb – Role Models and Conformity’.

The evening was concluded with the guests and participants enjoying some delicious refreshments.

Thanks are extended to all those who were brave enough to deliver these exceptional speeches in front of a crowded room – you did yourselves and the school proud!