Little Moves of Kindness

Little moves of kindness

How many of us have thought of doing something good for the world and making a difference in someone’s life but never found the time for it?

James Rose-Innes, a Grade 10 learner at Union High School, is not only contributing to the society in his own little way but in the process he is making use of his favourite game, chess, to make a difference!  His initiative to teach the game of chess to children at Vuyani Safe Haven originated as a Life Orientation project, but in time, turned into so much more.

A little while ago, five of Vuyani’s children had no idea what chess was about and now, little over two months later, some of them are representing their respective schools in Interschools matches.  “I am very grateful to the management of Vuyani for allowing me to discover these hidden talents in their kids. Without their hospitality and charitableness, this would not have been possible,” says James.  “I truly believe that an educational activity such as chess can play a vital role to empower and uplift a community,” he continued.  “In chess the learners are taught to think ahead and not just to make any move. Every move you make on the chess board must count – from the very first move in the opening game right through the middle game till the very last move in the end game you must think ahead. Why is it so important to think ahead in real life as in chess? If you do not think ahead and make the wrong moves (choices), such as taking drugs, the game is over and you are in checkmate!”

Union extends its thanks to Vuyani for facilitating James’ coaching sessions and for giving him the opportunity to make a difference while promoting the great game of chess.