Union Celebrates Arbor Week

Union High School proudly celebrated Arbor Week with the planting of a tree (adding even more beauty to the educational facility) during a special assembly early this morning, Friday, 6 September.

This special event is held every year at Union during the first week of September, to celebrate South Africa’s trees and raise awareness of their importance and need for the conservation of indigenous trees that are threatened by extinction.

During his address to the learners, headmaster Mr William Pringle gave a brief history of Arbor Week, whereafter he spoke to the learners about the importance of planting trees, the role of trees in our daily lives and how they benefit the environment.

As the school is committed to planting indigenous trees, Union chose to plant the celtis africana, commonly known as the White Stinkwood or Camdeboo Stinkwood, for the occasion.

The Camdeboo Stinkwood is an indigenous deciduous tree that can grow to between 7 and 12 metres in height. It is hardy, frost tolerant and drought resistant. It attracts many birds like Rameron pigeons, willow warblers, black-eyed bulbuls, mousebirds and crested barbets that feed on the fruits and disperse the seeds. It is also a haven for insects.

It is hoped that Union’s annual Arbor Week celebrations will inspire a custodianship of the country’s natural resources in the learners and that they will come to see the trees as natural treasures.

May the newest addition to Union’s tree population provide shade and aesthetic value for generations to come!