Interhouse Gala Results

On Tuesday afternoon, 11 February, the Union High School pool witnessed a very exciting Interhouse Swimming Gala that contained an abundance of enthusiasm, physical effort and polished swimming strokes.

This was the first gala hosted by Union in the school’s swimming pool since it was revamped last year and the Houses rallied their swimmers for this long-standing friendly competition between Daly and Arnott.

While all the races were closely contested, a dedicated team of timekeepers stood poised with their stopwatches at one end of the pool, with house supporters and teams cheering enthusiastically from the sides.

As ever, the relays generated huge excitement – speed and lots of noise were evident as every position and point became vital towards the overall scores.

In the end there could only be one winner and it was Arnott House! They beat Daly House to the title with a strong 563 points in total compared to Daly House’s 389 points.

Congratulations Team Arnott!

A big well done goes to all those who swam!