Pitch Prep

Maintaining the pristine finish of Union High Schoolโ€™s high-end cricket grounds, or any schoolโ€™s for that matter, isnโ€™t an easy task, especially with pitches in use for long periods of the spring and summer months.
Although COVID-19 has stumped our 2020/21 cricket season, it has led to our cricket pitches experiencing less traffic, therefore giving our ground staff an opportunity to delve into the art and graft of cricket groundsmanship to produce a quality playing surface for when play eventually resumes.
As it goes without saying that preparing a cricket pitch must be one of the most drawn-out, effort-intensive activities in the field of sports, Union High School extends its immense gratitude to our estate manager Mr Donald Kingwill and our talented team of groundsmen for their consistent efforts in ensuring that Unionโ€™s cricket grounds are pitch-perfect.
These past few months have seen a tremendous amount of work done to the pitches on the Puttick and Minnaar fields, which included a layer of bulli added to the pitches just this week.
Our grateful thanks are also extended to our Old Unionites and the Old Unionite Association for their constant support of the school in this endeavour, in particular to Messrs Dave Stern, John Crankshaw and William Copeman for their valued contributions.
We look forward to watching some top-class competitive games on these pitches when our boys are able to take the field again!