Learners Shine At Karoo Eisteddfod

In spite of yet another disruptive year, the cultural activities of Union High School continued in the background.
The highlight of the year was certainly the more than 100 learners who participated in 82 items for the Karoo Eisteddfod in the categories of Music, Art, Drama, Speech, Photography and Creative Writing.
We are truly grateful to our educators, Ms Jenny Street, Mrs Hanli Rose-Innes, Mrs Bronwen Langmead, Mrs Sanette Brink, Ms Zelda van Rooyen and Miss Paula-Jane Phillips, who prepared and entered the learners in the different categories.
Our learners did exceptionally well, with marks ranging from Triple Gold to Silver.
Not one learner got under 70%.
📷 Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll feature the achievers in each category, but we’d like to start it off today with Camran Swartz, Joy Merifield, Tyra Binney and Ababalwa Matutu, seen here on the accompanying photos, who each received a Triple Gold certificate for their 2D artwork entries.