Cricket Festival Match Reports

Shaakir Kazi

In Union’s T20 against Daniรซl Pienaar, the visiting side was first to bat, setting a target of 110. Union then took to the field and, unfortunately, only managed a total of 86. Top scorers for Union were Jude Langmead (21) and Laythan Carelse (10). Our best bowlers were Shaakir Kazi (4/15 in 3 overs) and Yaaseen Kazi (2/9 in 2 overs). Daniรซl Pienaar won by 25 runs.

Union’s declaration match against Lilyfontein on Thursday, 12 January, saw Union winning the match by 65 runs. Union’s top scorer was Joshua Horne with 39 runs. Best Union bowler for the day was Shaakir Kazi who took 6 wickets in 14 overs for 48 runs.

Union vs Framesby (50 over match)

Union vs Milnerton (T20)

Jude Langmead and captain Joshua Horne in action.